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Best Treadmill Reviews for 2019 [Ultimate Guide]




When it comes to exercising, a treadmill is the first machine that will come in our mind. Treadmills are linked with exercise and healthy living from a longer period of time and no workout session is complete without working out on treadmill. Treadmills though doesn’t decrease the weight directly however gives you a good basis and stamina so that you can do tough exercises for long hours and thus lose weight. Moreover, the use of treadmills is not just limited towards losing weight, but it is also attached to a healthy lifestyle. According to researches, you can keep yourself fit and healthy without any exercise with only one hour on treadmill even with breaks. Therefore, having a treadmill along is a must!

If you join a gym, you will have to wait for your turn every day for using treadmills as there are numerous people using the same treadmill. It is better that instead of paying a fee to gym and then waiting for your turn.

Things to Consider While Buying Treadmill:

Before you make a purchase, consider to check for the following features in a treadmill in order to end up with a successful barter of money:

1.    Treadmill Track Smoothness:

First thing you need to check as a feature is the material and strength of the track of your treadmill. You can also call it treadmill mate. You need to check the track for its longevity and smoothness. If you are a tall person, you will surly have longer strides, therefore, you need an exercise mat with longer inches and vice versa. Sometimes, treadmills have wheels inside and other times there are magnets attached. Take care for this too.

2.    Different Running Modes:

An electronic treadmill comes with different types of running modes such as you can adjust for the speed and inclined slope. You can decide and set the handles if you need to run on faster speed at a straight track or you need to run on a sloppy surface at lower speed. If you are using treadmill for body shaping and not losing weight, incline feature is a must to have.

3.    Treadmill Display Screen:

Treadmills should come with a display screen in which settings, modes, burnt calories, and other details of your workout sessions should be written. It should also give you renewals of your previous running sessions so that you can track your fitness routine and understand if the results are coming positive or you need to work out more.

4.    Pulse Rate Detector:

Treadmills are must to have a pulse detector in it in order to keep you notified about your heart rate and the pulse rate when you are running. A pulse detector is attached on the handles most of the times and each time you pick the handle, the screen shows your pulse rate and heart rate.

5.    Accessories Attached:

All with this, you can check for fan attached, headphone, and USB ports so you can listen to music, charge your mobile, and get air during workout sessions. These features, though aren’t necessary to have however having them in the treadmill makes it’s usage more convenient and comfy.

Benefits of Using Treadmills:

When you bring your treadmills home, here are some benefits you can have by using them:

1.    Burning Calories:

First of all, a treadmill will help you in burning calories. It doesn’t matter that you are fat or not, you are consuming calories on regular basis. It doesn’t show up now however after sometime, fat would start to appear. Therefore, you need to start burning calories from now and a treadmill would help you in this regard.

2.    Increase Stamina:

If you are someone who gets tired with small walks, cannot stand for too long, or feels numb after basic routine, you are low on stamina. Stamina is something that’s different than energy as it is strength of your body that you can achieve by keeping your body active. Treadmills help in increasing stamina.

3.    Never Let You Feel Tired:

Running on a treadmill track is ultimately impacting than running manually on ground and in a park. Besides, you don’t feel tired after using treadmills because a smooth surface under your feet never let you feel exhausted. Therefore, you can run as much as you want on a treadmill without feeling tired.

4.    Blood Pressure Control:

Treadmill running is therapeutic as it helps in keeping your blood circulation normal, your heart rate stable, and your pulse rate steady. Doctors, recommend treadmills running for heart patients and diabetics.

5.    Fills You With Energy:

You feel power packed after each treadmill session because your stamina has been increased and the strength of your body is getting improved.

Some Precautions and Help:

Take following precautions under consideration:

1.    Keep your Treadmills Clean:

You need to keep your treadmills clean so after each session, dust it up with a cloth, cover it, and store it. Dirt can decrease the life your treadmill and it will also decrease your experience with the exercise machine.

2.    Workout Shoes:

Make sure to use proper workout shoes on treadmill and never do running barefooted, in softies or shoes with heels. It will not just harm the surface of your treadmill but can also injure your feet and calve muscle.

3.    Workout Postures:

Make sure to run in a good posture such as while running keep your body straight and back strengthen. Do not bow while running as it will make you tired and chances of getting injured will be increased.

4.    Workout Sessions:

Make sure to keep proper workout sessions. If you need to run for a whole one hour on treadmill, try to make two sessions for this such as half hour in the morning while half in the evening.

5.    Regularity:

You need to make sure to be regular in your exercise sessions and routines. An irregular treadmill session will bring no results.

So, keep these things in mind while choosing and using a new treadmill for your home.


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