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Best Rowing Machine Reviews for 2019




For better pushups, belly fat loss, and toned body, a rowing machine is known as the best exercise equipment one can have in their homes. Without feeling tired, you can use rowing machines for longer hours and lose weight, exclusively for belly, and toning muscles of your entire body including building of abs. In short, for your all in one exercises and home, Rowing Machines is the thing you need to use. Before you bring Rowing Machines home, make sure to check some best features in it.

Features to Check in Rowing Machines:

Here are the features, you need to check in rowing machines:

1.    Resistance Feature and Types:

There are four types of resistance features can be found in rowing machines including water, air, magnetic, and hydraulic resistance. Resistance is the strength type you need to impose on the machine to move your muscles and body and to and fro. Hence, make sure to check for the feature before making a purchase.

2.    Comfort of using with adjustments:

You need to check for the seat, handles, and foot pads material to see if it is comfortable to use. Seat should be comfy enough to not to irritate your body and skin during workout sessions. Besides this, you will check for the adjustment feature of the machine if it goes with your requirements according to features or not.

3.    Noise Level and User Weight:

Sometimes, rowing machines, due to being too much stranded in to and for directions start to produce noise. Moreover, when a person with excessive weight sits on the machine, its screws get loosened and it starts making noise. Hence check how much weight it can bear at lower noise levels.

4.    Compactness and Assembling:

You also need to have a look at the compactness of your machine. A rowing machine doesn’t need to be giant in size in fact it sizes just like a cycle. Also, you have to see if it is easy to assemble and port from one place to another. It shouldn’t slip with each pull and push to disturb your exercise sessions.

5.    Warranties and Price:

All with this, never forget to check for the price and warranties. It doesn’t mean that you will have to purchase a pricy Rowing Machine to get warranty. In fact, if you will visit many shops and bargain for rates, you can get good price. However, before this bargaining, check how much warranty this Rowing Machine will offer.

Benefits of Using Rowing Machines:

Now, you have brought your rowing machine at home, here are some benefits you can expect to have from it:

1.    Help in Weight loss:

You will lose weight with each day and regular rowing exercise sessions that you would do with the Rowing Machine. It makes your metabolism fast and never let the food particles to stay in your body and make you fat.

2.    Body Building:

When you pull and push the rowing handles, you are using the strength of your entire body, hence you will see that bloats will start to erase from all parts of your body and you will start getting less bulky within days.

3.    Body Shaping:

When you do exercise by using a Rowing Machine, your whole body is involved. It means, your whole body workout is happening that will result in a well-shaped body.

4.    Belly Exercise:

Furthermore, you will get a chance to do exclusive belly exercises. You don’t need to Zumba, yoga, or any other workout. A simple rowing will lose weight from your bloated belly and bring it back in the shape.

5.    Muscle Toning:

When you pull the rowing handles towards you and push your entire body in the session, your arms and legs are stretching. This thing will help in muscle toning and you will get a body with abs and toned muscles.

Tips to Use Rowing Machines:

To get best benefits from your Rowing Machine, make sure to use these tips:

  1. Take care of your posture for body shaping and avoiding injuries.
  2. Start with lower levels of resistance as a novice.
  3. Make sure to watch Rowing YouTube videos to sit with posture.
  4. Stretch and strain your legs and arms in right directions.
  5. Make it a regular habit to do exercise like this.

Taking Care of your Rowing Machine:

Last but not the least, you also need to take care of your Rowing Machine. By doing so, life of your Rowing Machine will increase:

1.    Use Proper Cleaned Shoes:

Try to use proper shoes while using Rowing Machine instead of standing with flip-flops, softies, and heels. Try to keep the sneaker or joggers that will grip your feet and avoid injury. Also, make sure the sole of your shoes is clean.

2.    Use Easy And Soft Clothes:

Try to wear easy clothes that are made for exercise. It is better that you wear tight clothes so that you understand the current shape of your body and can detect the change faster it comes. Also, make sure these clothes are not itchy to your skin.

3.    Keep It Clean And Dust Free:

After each workout session, dust the machine. It doesn’t matter that you are able to see the dust staying on your machine cleaning it is necessary.

4.    Keeping your machine:

When you are not using this Rowing Machine for longer hours, cover it up with a cloth or cover. By doing so, you will be able to keep it clean and preserved for longer years. Remember, everything needs care and care for a Rowing Machine is keeping it cleaned.

Bottom Line:

In the end, I would like to say that no matter from which brand you are searching to buy a rowing machine from, make sure it has good reputation and enough years of business in the niche. A novice company cannot be trusted with expensive equipment. Now, it is time to bring a brand new and exclusive Rowing Machine at home for a healthy living.


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